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Artworks Yuri Obukhov:

Картины маслом

Blooming garden Morning sun Bright morning Clouds over the sea Access to the sea Evening raid Bellagio. Blooming city Bellagio Bloom Bloom Bloom Flower street Como Liguria. Evening lights Sunny Beach. Terrace bridge Wisteria at dawn Small cafe Italian coast Lake Como. Yachts on blue water Bay – Portofino. Portofino. Morning light Portofino Evening Spring Giverny. Bridge Morning Reflection April Lilies October in Positano Lago-Maggiore Tulips in Giverny Light and shade Access to the sea Sail Bridge Liguria. Evening lights Blue sea Amalfi Amalfi.  Flowers over the sea Positano. Sunny Beachr Villefranche-sur-Mer Evening Dawn Lake Garda Positano Varenna. Oleanders Flowers over water Lake Como. Dawn Lake Como Sea shore. Calm Portofino. Morning light Yachts on blue water Italy. Como Lilac bush Lake Como. Blooming oleanders Noon Amalfi Coast. Ravello Lilac. Dawn Lake Como. Bright morning lilac April in Giverny Giverny. Reflection Liguria. Evening lights Liguria Evening in Portofino Flowers over the sea Sea shore Roses of Provence 2 Кадакес. Цветение олеандров Roses of Provence 1 Port ligat March Yachts in the raid Greek courtyard Seagulls over the sea Santorini Coast Summer afternoon Provence liguria corfu Birch tale Cadaqu?s. Boats on the shore Forest Lake Bright morning Access to the sea Capri Evening Water lilies Antib. Umbrellas Reflection Portofino. Cafe by the sea Amalfi Blue Sea Positano. In the solar haze Lake como Bloom Morning sun Amalfi Blue Sea Wisteria Bridge Under the sun Amalfi Bright morning Blooming in Giverny Street to the sea Giverny Morning Bloom Cherry blossoms Rose bush Dawn. Giverny. Bloom July House by the sea Bright autumn Port Vendres. Morning dreams Flowers over the sea Old city Sea Positano Ravello Prague April. Giverny Yacht October April in Giverny Naples Fading day. Spring. Bloom Lilies In the shade of trees July morning Amalfi Cote d’Azur Costa Brava mallow A street in Nafplio. Koktebel bay. Prague. Roof of the Cathedral. Ravello. terrace Nacreous morning. Santorini. Spring. Spring. birches. Autumn light. Mykonos Island Small country Mountain Flight Warm evening

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