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In attaining IELTS is a point path for college students who desire to take the IELTS exam in an effort to research at an English-medium educational establishment. The books realize the scholars' actual goals and targets by way of getting ready them for pupil lifestyles in addition to the exam itself. in achieving IELTS path has a real educational concentration practicing examination questions and constructing examination abilities inside 12 themed devices. The rubrics heavily stick with IELTS variety questions and initiatives are graded from partial, less difficult inquiries to complete try questions. issues are concentrated on united kingdom and Australian associations and tradition with a learner improvement and pronunciation syllabus within the workbook.

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Absolutive case and, as the case may be, verb agreement, while the actant designating the thing given is also in the absolutive, as in 10 Gilbert Lazard (16b) in Hayu, a Tibeto-Burman language (Michailovsky 1988: 138, cf. Lazard 1994: 88;1998: 86)). (16) a. you gon you:ABS Ί lead you' b. you In (16a), a two-actant clause, the object pronoun 'you' is in the absolutive and cross-referenced by a verbal marker. In the three-actant clause (16b), the pronoun 'you', representing the recipient, is treated in exactly the same way: it is the regular grammatical object.

8) may also be analysed as close objects in contradistinction to "regular" objects, "first absolutives" (representing recipients), and objects of transitive verbs respectively. Similarly, all 0-objects in Persian, even in one-object clauses, may be regarded as grammatically closer to the verb than ra-objects: it is not by chance that, in two-object (and three-object) clauses, only the first one can take -rä and that, in clauses of the type illustrated by ex. (5) and (6), the first object in the chain (the higher one) is always marked by -rä.

Accusativity Ergativity Duality Agt 1 Pat 1 Agt 1 Pat 1 Agt 1 Pat 1 Agt 2 Pat 2 Agt 2 Pat 2 Agt 2 Pat 2 Figure 3. Elements of a configurational typology Among the numerous configurations which are theoretically possible (by simple permutations of the constitutive elements), only the three contained in Figure 3 are observed with reasonable frequency in the languages of the world. The third of these configurations was described for the first time by Klimov (1977), who used the term "active". His description was valid, but the term he chose is ambiguous in its English, German, or French translation (it was not so in the original Russian).

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