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The second one variation of A Dictionary of Tocharian B comprises considerably all Tocharian B phrases present in usually released texts, in addition to all these of the London and Paris collections released digitally (digital e-book of the Paris assortment remains to be incomplete), and a considerable variety of the Berlin assortment released digitally. The variety of entries is greater than twenty in keeping with cent more than within the first variation. the final method is decidedly philological. All phrases other than right names are supplied with instance contexts. every one observe is given in all its a number of attested morphological types, in its version spellings, and mentioned semantically, syntactically (where appropriate), and etymologically. New to the second one version is the task, the place attainable, of the examples of the word’s use to their detailed chronological interval (Archaic, Early, Classical, Late/Colloquial). This courting offers the start of the learn of the Tocharian B vocabulary on a historic foundation. integrated also are a opposite English-Tocharian B index and, one other innovation to this variation, a basic index verborum of Indo-European cognates.

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Difficult’ [-, -, amƗskai//] pos=amƗskai karkats[i] = B(H)S sudurharam ‘very difficult to steal’ (14b8C), tusa amƗskai lwƗsameۨ onolmeۨtsä yĞamna cmetsi ‘thus [it is] difficult for animals to be born of beings among men’ (407b2/3E); —amƗskaitstse* ‘± difficult’ (384b2C). ŶThe intensive prefix 1e(n)- (the initial Ɨ- is regular by Ɨ-umlaut) + mƗsk- ‘difficulty’ (Hilmarsson, 1991:119-120). v. mƗskw. ) ‘± wagon-master’ [(voc. amäkৢpänta)//] amäk‫܈‬pänta karpƗm lantäññai ytƗrine ‘O wagon-master, we have descended on the royal way’ (PK-AS-12K-b3A [Couvreur, 1954c:86]).

If from B(H)S apramƗ۬a-. ) ‘unbelief’ [aprasƗt, -, -//] (KVƗc-22a2/THT-1114a2C [Schmidt, 1986]). ŶB(H)S aprasƗda-. ) ‘in conversation’ : ‫܈‬amyeۨ mƗka ‫܈‬amƗni aplƗc ‘many monks were sitting in conversation’ (3a5C). v. (Hilmarsson, 1991:123). ) [//apৢatriki, -, -] ‫܈‬ukta‫܈܈‬i ap‫܈‬atriki ‘the citizens of the market-town “of the seven”’ (THT-4000, col. 3, -a9), Ğak-okta‫܈܈‬i ap‫܈‬atriki (THT-4000, col. 3, -a10). ŶClearly identical with TchA Ɨp‫܈‬ƗtrikƗñ which would appear to be the equivalent of B(H)S naigama- ‘town-dwellers’ (Carling, Pinault, Winter, 2009).

And B anaiwatste reflect PTch *ƗnƗiwƗtstse composed of the negative prefix *e(n)- (its vowel *Ɨ- is regular by Ɨ-umlaut) + *-ƗiwƗ- the subjunctive and preterite stem of *Ɨiw- ‘turn towards’ + the adjective forming suffix *-tstse. v. (see also 2e(n)- and cf. Hilmarsson, 1991:125-128 for a somewhat different treatment). v. aiw-. ’ (3b4/5C), anaiĞai wawlƗwau = B(H)S susamƗhita‫( ۊ‬31a4C), anaiĞai kärsa[nalle] = B(H)S parijñeyaۨ (527a5C), mƗ anaiĞai /// = B(H)S ananubodhƗt (542b6C), kuce te mant wñƗwa tu ۪ke weñau anaiĞai ‘what I have so said, that I will speak clearly’ (K-2a5/6/PK-AS-7Ba5/6C).

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